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Frequently Asked Questions

How DeviceShield work to protect you against the EMF Radiation by Cell Phones

How Does DeviceShield Work?

DeviceShield is layered with ceramic minerals which radiate far-infrared scalar energy and negative ions using advanced Japanese Technology. These EMF Shielding properties emit a high-frequency subtle scalar energy field that disrupts the lower frequency EMF emitted by electronic devices, substantially reducing their damaging EMF Radiation effects.

Do EMF Protection devices work?

DeviceShield does not redirect or redistribute EMF radiations. The positive ions of EMF radiation are neutralized by negative ions from the BioCeramic materials from DeviceShield. DeviceShield has tested it’s shielding effectiveness at various reputable laboratory institutes in Asia and the USA. Proven to reduce the effects of EMF radiation up to 99%, Deviceshield meets standards for Cell Phone Radiation Protection with Japanese Nanotechnology.

Lab Report Certification

DeviceShield is tested with specialised EMF laboratories in USA and Asia, proven to have EMF shielding effectiveness of up to 99%

Keystone Compliance, a regulated laboratory in the USA, is one of the few in the world that can provide testing for shielding effectiveness. An international laboratory that is ISO/IEC 17025:2005 with accreditations by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) DeviceShield has been tested for its shielding effectiveness by Keystone Compliance and the test results indicate that DeviceShield has EMF Attenuation (Reduction effect) of up to 99% when tested with Frequency of up to 10GHZ.

How Long Does DeviceShield Last?

DeviceShield has a long life span and will work as long as it is still attached to your devices.

Does DeviceShield work on other devices besides Cell Phones?

Yes, you may attach DeviceShield to your cordless phones, laptops, and tablets. It will work the same way it does on a Cell Phone.

How to Know If DeviceShield is Working?

The immediate noticeable effects of DeviceShield is the reduction of heat from cell phone's battery. After using for a period, users do notice a longer-lasting cell phone battery with each full charge.

*Heat reduction is contingent upon condition of the cell phone battery.

Does Using DeviceShield Affect Cell Phone Reception?

Absolutely not. DeviceShield does not interfere with a phone's transmittable and receiving signals at all.

Instructions to Install DeviceShield

Clean the surface of the phone, then peel the DeviceShield patch and stick to the back of the cleaned phone or the back cover. Apply some pressure to make sure the patch sticks firmly and evenly. That's it! Your device is now protected from EMF Radiation.

Who is DeviceShield?

DeviceShield is a company based in Canada that innovates EMF protection products. Built with Japanese Nanotechnology, DeviceShield is an EMF Shielding Solution that reduces Electromagnetic Radiation from Cell Phones, Cordless phones, Laptops & Tablets.

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What is EMF?

What does EMF stand for? EMF stands for Electromagnetic Field. Electric fields are created when there is a difference in voltage, while magnetic fields are created when electric current flows. Electromagnetic Field is produced by moving electric charges. Understand EMF here.

How is Electromagnetic Radiation produced?

As Electric Current and magnetic field are co-related, all electrical appliances under the electromagnetic spectrum (Radio Waves, Microwaves, Ionizing Radiation) that uses Electromagnetic Wave Frequencies produce Electromagnetic Radiation. Learn more on What is Electromagnetic Radiation?

What is Cell Phone Radiation?

Cell Phones communicate with cellular towers using radiowaves. Radiowaves are a form of Electromagnetic Radiation and has the ability to penetrate through walls. Read more on how do cell phones work here.

As most users hold their phones close to their head, their brain and body are at risk of EMF radiation from Cell Phones. DeviceShield functions as an EMF Shield. When attached to the phone, the Cell Phone has Radiation Protection against EMF.

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DeviceShield works as a Radiation Shield. Tested & Proven with 99% EMF Shielding Effectiveness against Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR). 

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