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EMF Health Risks

Using Cell Phones without a Cell Phone Radiation Shield may have detrimental effects on us. Realize the long-term & short-term exposure of Electromagnetic Field (EMF radiation) on the human body and brain.
How does EMF Affect the Brain?

How does Cell Phone Radiation affect the brain? Do Cell Phone cause Brain Cancer or Brain Tumours? A compilation of scientific research shows that long-term EMF Radiation from Cell Phones causes damage to Brain.

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EMF Exposure Symptoms

Examining Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, Electromagnetic Sensitivity, and EMF exposure symptoms that may be caused by common EMF Radiation from Cell Phones or WIFI Radiation.

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Severe Effects of EMF on the Human Body

Long-term Cell Phone Radiation might cause severe adverse EMF health effects. Read through the findings to learn more about how EMF Radiation affects various organ systems such as the Central Nervous, Immune, Endocrine, and Reproductive system.

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