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EMF on Men's Health

July 20, 2020


We are commonly exposed to EMF Radiation from our electronic devices transmitting radiowaves – such as cellular connectivity on our phones and WIFI connectivity on computers and laptops.

Men are more often exposed to higher levels of EMF radiation in their occupation, as most are employed to work technical jobs such as an electrician, Welders, Machinery operators. While desk jobs such as Sales, Marketing – jobs that require constant communication – EMF exposure are equally apparent, as the phones are directly placed against the head.

Occupational Exposure to EMF

Headaches & Migraines caused by EMF

Migraine is described as a throbbing pain on 1 side of the head, and a severe form of headache. Sufferers experienced symptoms of feeling sick, accompanied by an increased sensitivity to light or sound.

A study found that the increase of cell phone usage had a significant effect on the number of moderate headaches & migraine attacks, and the severity of a headache. Therefore, it is recommended that patients with migraine headaches restrict using cell phones and Wi-Fi, and replace them with a fixed-line telephone for daily telecommunications.

Brain Tumour

Studies found that there is an increased risk of acoustic neuroma – a form of benign brain tumour – with mobile phone use of at least 10 years duration. Roberto Romeo, who worked for Telecom Italia, used his phone to coordinate with other technicians in the company. He used his cell phone for up to four to five hours a day over a 15-year period. As a result, he developed Acoustic Neuroma. Italian Court ordered INAIL, a workplace accident insurance agency, to compensate Romeo for the damage caused.

To reduce the risk of head tumours induced by long-term Cell Phone use, or Migraine Headaches from Cell Phone use, consider using DeviceShield as a Cell Phone radiation protection, and to use wired headphones instead of placing the phone directly against your head when in use.

EMF on Mental Wellbeing

Men are typically employed to work with electricity and machinery, exposing the body to EMF radiation in the workplace. A prolonged period of EMF exposure places the body into a state of chronic stress, affecting mental wellbeing. A study on Psychological Effects of Occupational Exposure to EMF found that men exposed to workplace EMF have increased indications of diagnosed mental disorders and several depressive disorder symptoms, such as depression, paranoia, psychosis, interpersonal sensitivity, somatization, anxiety, and hostility.

EMF on the Heart & Blood

The heart pumps through an electrical system that controls the timing of the heartbeat by sending an electrical signal. As EMF is a magnetic field, it causes interference through dysregulation of the autonomic control of the heart circulatory system.

A study on healthy men aged 28-49 years, found that occupational EMF exposure results in changes in the circadian rhythms of blood pressure and heart rate. Workers who are exposed to higher intensities of EMF have an even more pronounced effect on the heart.

Long-term exposure of EMF on healthy men who worked in high voltage substations and those who live nearby power lines have biological modifications on their blood chemistry (sodium, chloride, phosphorus, glucose).

Cell Death, Tumour, and Cancers

Men working as welders and related machinery have considerable exposure to EMF.

Micronuclei (MN) are extra-nuclear bodies that contain damaged chromosome fragments. Welders who have constant exposure to EMF showed a significantly higher frequency of Micronuclei (MN) which translates to cell death, genomic instability, and even cancer development.

The genotoxic effects of long-term occupational exposure to EMF were investigated in this study on 102 plant workers working in different sections of a power plant. It was found that long-term occupational exposure to high levels of EMF results in a significant increase in DNA damage and later apoptosis (programmed cell death, or “cellular suicide.”)

Apoptosis (programmed cell death) is a natural way of removing aged cells from the body. However, the dying cell would in turn damage surrounding cells, potentially threatening to the healthy "neighbours" of a dying cell. Therefore, an increased response of Apoptosis could potentially drive tumour formation, promote tumour development, and shapes cancer.

A Cellphone Radio Frequency Radiation Studies by the National Toxicology Program (NTP) on rats found that EMF was associated with cancer development. There was clear evidence of malignant tumours in the hearts of male rats, some evidence of malignant tumours in the brains of male rats, and tumours in the adrenal glands of male rats. The NTP scientists are unsure why male rats appear to be at greater risk for developing tumours compared to female rats.

Leukaemia and Lymphoma are two types of cancer that affect white blood cells. Leukemias affects the blood and bone marrow while Lymphomas tend to affect the lymph nodes. A Netherlands Cohort Study on Men & Women age 55–69 years found that groups of Men, who have occupational exposure to EMF, have a significant association with Leukemia and Lymphoma.

Infertility & the Male Reproductive System

Men usually carry phones right in the pockets of their trousers, leaving the reproductive organs exposed to cell phone EMF radiation.

Environmental, health, and lifestyle are among the factors that contribute to infertility in men. Compiled studies and researches have undisputably found that the radiofrequency from Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) have damaging effects on the Sperm’s Apoptosis, Morphology, Motility, and Count. The source of EMF exposure on infertility includes radiation from Cell Phones, Wi-Fi connectivity, and Wi-Fi-connected laptops.

Aside from infertility, RF-EMF exposure might induce DNA damage due to increased oxidative stress, which may accelerate death in healthy sperm cells and promote testicular cancer formation.

With regards to male hormones, a controlled study on animals found that EMF exposure results in a decrease in the level of testosterone. Low levels of testosterone result in poor sexual health, difficulty sleeping, decrease in energy levels, and changes in mood swings.


EMF radiation exposes us to many adverse effects on the body, and the repercussion is cumulative, growing more severe with time. While EMF exposure is inevitable especially in the job environment, we could raise awareness of this as an occupational health concern to and try to reduce unnecessary EMF exposure on the job settings. As a precaution, men are advised to keep their phones away from their body or use Deviceshield, which acts as a cell phone radiation shield to reduce exposure to EMF radiation.



DeviceShield is an EMR Shield that works as a Cell Phone Radiation Protection. Built using Japanese Nanotechnology, DeviceShield radiates far-infrared Scalar Energy and Negative Ions which neutralizes EMF Radiation. An effective Radiation Shield that is tested and proven with 99% EMF Shielding against EMF Radiation.


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